June 23, 2021

Install Hungama app and get Free Mobile Recharge and other rewards

Hungama app is offering various Rewards like free Mobile Recharge,Opportunity to meet a bollywood star,Car chargers,Books&Novels,Mobile accessories like headphone,earphones,and mobiles like Lumia 630,Lenovo tab,galaxy s5 and many more,for just using the app,inviting your friends.

To get the rewards users need to accumulate hungama coins,hungama coins can be earned by using the app ,you earn coin every time you Listen to a song,Like a song,share it,favorite it or invite your friends,There is a limit for earning each day.

Link:-hungama playstore

How to earn coins:
To earn hungama coins
1)Listen to a song=30 coins per song with a daily limit of 150 coins.
2)Watch a video=30 coins per video,with a daily limit of 150 coins.
3)Like a song/video=5 coins with a limit of 25 coins daily.
4)Favorite a song/video=5 coins with a limit of 35 coins per day.
5)Invite friends=50 coins with a limit of 250 coins per day.
6)Share songs=50 coins with a daily limit of 150 coins.

How to redeem :-
To redeem the rewards just goto this link and login with your hungama account,here you can view your points,rewards, and redeem them with any of the stuffs listed on the page matching your coins.

Some Rewards:-
Here are some examples of the rewards you will see at the landing page
1)Senheiser Hd Headphone =2040 coins.
2)Nokia lumia 630=30050 coins.
3)iball sound wave speakers=6412 coins
4)5200 Mah miiii power bank=12275 coins
It is very easy to earn coins with hungama app,its been just few days of using it,and I have accumulated 2500 coins ,which can be easily redeemed for a sennheiser hd headphone.

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