May 29, 2023

Join WhatsApp Brodcast List For Latest Deals and Loot Recharge Offers

Join Our Telegram Channel & Get Instant Daily Loot Deals

Join WhatsApp Brodcast List For Latest Deals and Loot Recharge Offers :-

Way2Offers recently launched a WhatApp community where Way2offers is helping the Visitors on mobile and giving them instant maximum discount offer on WHATSAPP.We also had Recently Launched a WhatsApp broadcasting, Where we send daily Free RECHARGES & OFFER updates so our VISITORS Don’t miss the LATEST LOOT OFFERS.

Join WhatsApp Brodcast List

How to Join Our WhatsApp Broadcast List:

  1. Save our number in your contacts as Way2offers
  2. If you don’t save you will not receive messages from us
  3. Name : Way2Offers
  4. Mobile Number:+91-7013636056

Now message us on WhatsApp as follows:

  1. Type “Add Me” “YOUR NAME” & send it to 7013636056
  2. Within 48 hours we will add your mobile number in our broadcast list.
  3. We will send a confirmation message to you after adding you to our broadcast list.

Your Privacy is Extremely Important for us:
In our broadcast list you are 100% safe. We will never make any types of Pranks/Spam to your mobile number in WhatsApp. You Number will be totally safe with us, we will never share it with anyone. So feel secure.


1. WhatsApp users can get the latest LOOT offer instantly as they live.
2. WhatsApp users can Request us for discount coupons.
3. WhatsApp Users can Request us to find the products online at lowest price.
4. WhatsApp Users can get Product related Issue Solutions.

Rules for Our WhatsApp Followers:

  • Personal Messages to us in WhatsApp will not be replied. We will ignore it.
  • When we share any Loot or Trick via Broadcast please don’t message or reply us in WhatsApp. If you want to comment or need any help drop a comment on our Website or Visit our Facebook Fan Page and post your comment there, we will happy to reply you in there.
  • Please Don’t Message us for any tricks and loot offers, if we get to know anything like that we will definitely share it on our Broadcast list.
  • Don’t send SMS on the number (Lots of people send me messages to add them via text message, don’t do that guys)

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